Publisher Deals

Private Marketplace Demand for Non-Managed Publishers

Gourmet Ads and Healthy Ads provide premium, direct and global demand to over 2000 managed publishers. On any given day, across our demand stack, we have over 500 PMPs running. However, larger, more sophisticated publishers consistently ask us if we could bring our quality brand demand to them programmatically via their existing setup and SSP relationships. To extend our demand and meet the needs of our non-managed publishers, we have released Publisher Deals.
The goal of our new Publisher Deals is to provide a simple, turnkey solution to enabling our premium demand. Publisher Deals allow us to buy your inventory utilizing your preferred SSP via PMP without the need for any operational changes. We can do this across Display, Video and Native formats. Essentially, our Publisher Deals allow us to buy your inventory at a Premium.
How It Works
a) Setup PMP in your existing SSP
b) Add a simple one-line entry in your ads.txt
c) We start buying with all your existing ad quality rules, floors etc.
d) No additional tags, line items, header setup, etc.
Current Supported SSPs
These are the current supported SSPs with more coming online

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