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What Is

What is CCPA? And Why it should be Top-of-Mind for all Digital Publishers

If you’ve heard the term “CCPA” floating around, you’re not alone. It’s big news for digital publishers. CCPA refers to…

Advertising Alphabet Soup: SSP and DSP

When one gets into the digital advertising world, it’s easy to be bombarded by acronyms and advertising definitions that make…

CPM vs. RPM vs. Session RPM : What’s the difference?

Comparing apples and oranges: RPM rate vs. CPM rate vs. Session RPM Many Publishers considering running Gourmet Ads on their…

What is a Cache and How Do I Clear it?

Have you ever been told to clear your cache? Does this ever leave you wondering what is a cache and…

What is the CPM Rate I can Expect?

Every new Publisher wants to know what CPM rate they can expect with Healthy Ads From our perspective it’s very difficult…

What are Dynamic Ad Tags?

Healthy Ads has developed dynamic ad tags providing a wide variety of ad sizes via a single ad tag.

What is Header Bidding?

Did you know Healthy Ads offers header bidding to all Publishers? Learn more about maximizing advertising on your site with header bidding.

What is Fill Rate?

Learn how fill rate affects food site and your ad revenue.

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