An Ad Network with Premium Advertising

At Healthy Ads we have a dedicated sales team with deep industry relationships bringing unique ad demand to all our publishers. We only work with top tier Advertising Agencies, Agency Trading Desks, Brands Directly, and ad technology providers to ensure high-quality ads. This means that you get real quality ad campaigns running on your site. We have contextually targeted ads that bring relevant ads to your site based on the content on the page as well as user targeted ads that target your users based on interests and demographics.

Proactively Blocking Bad Ads

At Healthy Ads we work with third party technology providers to screen all ads in real time. This allows us to catch any type of malvertising or bad ads. We block all pop-ups, video with auto sound and any unsightly images across our network. In addition to our real-time screens, we audit every ad creative in our ad server to further ensure no bad actors get through.

Custom Blocks

We also offer all our publishers custom blocks to suit their needs. Custom blocks can include certain brands you want blocked or entire categories. For example, we can block all meat or animal products on our Vegan sites, ensuring a great user experience.

Contact our Publisher team to learn more about our Ad Quality.