The Diabetic Ad Network

The only Network Specializing in Diabetic Content

At Healthy Ads we specialize in advertising for sites with content geared toward diabetes. This includes diabetic management, diabetic-friendly diets, like Keto, low carb and Paleo, and diabetic support. As the only private ad exchange with a focus on diabetic content we make sure to offer the relevant, premium and even sensitive advertising for your unique user base. You can rest knowing that your site’s integrity will not be compromised with low quality, low paying or offensive ads. We care about providing a good ad experience for your users, this is also why advertisers trust us with these targeted ad campaigns. We make advertising for your Diabetes site simple.

Relevant Ads for your Diabetic Audience

Our dedicated sales team have long standing relationships with top ad agencies, brands and ad networks serving the diabetic community. Advertisers know that with Healthy Ads they are advertising to a targeted and qualified audience. We work with pharmaceutical, medical device, nutrition, wellness and fitness brands that are all looking to target diabetic audiences. Advertising on diabetic websites should be targeted and high quality. As the owner of a diabetic site we want you to take advantage of these targeted ad campaigns for your users.

Diabetic Content is In-Demand

One of the fastest growing sectors across our Health Ad Network, is Diabetes Advertising and it’s worth noting it has everything to do with the growth of this chronic disease. Diabetes is far from a rare disease. In 2015, over 9.4% of the United States population was found to be living with type 2 diabetes. Nearly 1.25 million American people, including children and adults, were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2015 as well. Clearly, many consumers with diabetes or who are at risk for diabetes are more inclined to research new products or treatments to improve their symptoms. Your diabetic content is highly sought after by users and our advertisers.

Advertising Options for your Diabetic Website

We offer a large variety of diabetic advertising options for your health focused website. Advertisements include contextual ads, these are ads looking to be around diabetic content, such as diabetic recipes, tips and even weight-loss programs. We also offer premium native and video advertising and retargeting ads based on your users interests.

Ad Quality and Ad Safety

Every ad creative that runs through our network are audited to ensure high quality. In addition, we work with technology providers to ensure no malicious advertising slips through. We also offer custom blocking to all our publishers. If there are specific brands, product types or other websites that you want blocked from advertising on your site we can make that happen.

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