Ad Units & Integrations for Websites Large & Small

Ad Units

Healthy Ads has a full suite of traditional, IAB-approved, and high-impact ad units suitable for any health-focused website or blog. From conventional banner sizes such as leaderboards and skyscrapers, and high-visibility, higher-revenue formats such as background skins and over-the-page placements, we provide options for sites of all sizes to monetize traffic. For publishers of healthy video content, we also provide our pre-roll advertising solutions. We recommend a comprehensive mix of traditional and high-impact placements to maximize earning potential on your health-focused website or blog.

Header Bidding

Header bidding, also known as advance bidding or pre-bidding, is a sophisticated advertising technique allowing Publishers to offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before making calls to their ad servers. By letting multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, Publishers increase their yield and earnings.

Asynchronous Ad Tags

Asynchronous ad tags decrease page load times because page content loads at its own pace while ads fill in around it via a separate processes. Asynchronous ad tags render into frames that are reserved on the page until the ad is ready to display.

Dynamic Ad Tags

Dynamic ad tags house multiple ad sizes within the same Ad Tag. Healthy Ads encourages the use of dynamic tags because they offer Publishers the highest fill rate, which in turn provides the highest CPMs, and increases overall yield.


To be considered as a publisher, website or blog eligibility includes:


Don’t meet our Publisher Eligibility Requirements? Contact Us to discuss.

  • Theme of the site must be a health-focused, fitness or lifestyle website or blog
  • Have strong US, UK, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand audiences
  • Must be actively creating rich and highly engaging content
  • Be serving at least 10k page views per month
  • Able to give Healthy Ads at least 1 ad above the fold ( 2 is our preference )
  • Have a maximum of 6 ads units per page (3 is ideal)
  • Have no stacked ads on any page
  • Preference is given to sites able to hard code ad tags to the site
  • Must have a Privacy Policy. If you don’t have one, see Privacy Policy for Publishers
  • Must have top-level domain like (we don't accept or site URLs)

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