Healthy Ads Embraces Header Bidding to bring you the latest in Ad Technology

Healthy Ads has always been known for its unique, premium ad demand. In addition to our quality advertising we take great care to always remain on the forefront of ad technology. We were the first private exchange to fully embrace header bidding technology, and we not only run header bidding for all our managed publishers, but we also offer header bidding adapters for larger publishers to access our unique demand.

Access Healthy Ads Unique Demand via our Header Bidding Adapter

Healthy Ads offers a Prebid.js adapter and server to server connections for larger publishers looking for a simple way to access our unique demand. Simply Apply Now and we will work with you to get placement ids to quickly access all our Private Marketplace Deals.

Proprietary Header Bidding Technology for all Healthy Ads Publishers

At Healthy Ads we are always looking for new ways to help our Publishers increase their earnings. To do this we often adapt new ad products and new ad technologies. Header Bidding is the gold standard for website monetization, but the technology behind it requires an experienced dev team. This is why Healthy Ads offers this technology to all managed publishers, we handle everything on the backend so you can you relax.