The 300×250 Ad Unit provides Publishers High CPM Rates

Across the globe and at Healthy Ads, the 300×250, also known as the medium rectangle, is the most requested ad unit by advertisers. For branding campaigns, the 300×250 generates the highest click through and engagement rates compared to other units, and is thus the strongest performing ad unit. We recommend publishers include the 300×250 placement in their advertising mix. Because of its dimensions, 300×250 placements are typically top left, middle left or within content.

Features of the 300×250 Ad Unit

  • Highest Fill rate across all Ad Units
  • Highest-performing ad unit on Healthy Ads network
  • Exceptional click through rates for advertisers
  • Can be run as an expandable unit or standard unit
  • Ideal for in-unit video placement
  • Ideal for widgets and other types of rich media
  • Approved IAB Unit

If you’re a Healthy Ads approved Publisher and would like to include a 300×250 ad unit on your site, please contact us.

300×250 – Medium Rectangle / MREC

300×250 – Medium Rectangle / MREC