970×415 – Pushdown

970×415 – Pushdown

The 970×415 Ad Units load initially as a 970×90 and Pushdown

One of the IAB’s rising star ad units, the pushdown ad unit is typically located at the top or towards the top of a website and loads as a wide banner (970×90). This is referred to as the teaser with a call to action to learn more. When rolled over or clicked, the pushdown ad unit expands downwards to 970×415 pixels fully expanded. At this time, the entire website’s content is pushed down to reveal an interactive advertising experience. Some advertisers use the pushdown ad unit to display a short video, while others use it for engaging content.

Advertisers like that their brand is front-and-center using this highly visible ad format, while still giving the user an option to hide the ad. The expanded area of the pushdown can be shrunk again via the “ X” button. Campaigns are usually capped at 1/24 for user experience and performance.

Today, more and more digital advertising agencies are creating pushdown ad units for campaigns as the unit rates highly from a branding perspective.

The Pushdown ad unit is typically reserved for Publishers who demonstrate large volumes of traffic, as implementation occurs on a site-by-site basis by the advertising or creative agency.

Features of the pushdown ad unit

  • High-paying CPM rates
  • User’s first impression of each day
  • Large creative space (usually 970×415)
  • Greater revenue than standard units
  • Can be run as part of a roadblock
  • Video, rich media or static creative

If you’re a Healthy Ads approved Publisher and we would like to include a pushdown ad unit on your site, please contact us.