Background Skins

Background Skins

Background Skins Provide Publisher the Highest CPM

Background Skins, which are often referred to as Background Advertising or Wallpaper Advertising, are very effective branding unit for advertisers running branding campaigns with performance metrics similar to those of a TV media buy.

Background Skins are typically a HTML5 or is a static background visual (JPG) that serves on the Left and Right of a website. They can also occupy the space above the website also. Generally speaking, the entire skin area is clickable.

Publishers can select to run Background Skins on their website via the High Impact Page of our Publisher Console.

Background Skins are a high demand unit by Advertisers, particularly around Holidays and Events.

To see a Live Demo of a Backgrounds Skin Click here

If you’re an approved Healthy Ads Publisher and would like to include background skins on your site, please contact us.