Expandable Ad Units

Expandable Ad Units

Expandables provide Rich Media using IAB placements with higher CPM rates

Expandable ads (otherwise known as Exapandables) are rich media ads that can expand beyond the original size of a standard IAB ad unit, following a user-initiated action such as a click or roll over.

Expandables create more real estate for advertisers, allowing for more interaction from interested users. For instance, expandable ads may stream a short video, or display various views of an item for sale.

Expandables also offer a higher CPM than traditional ads, creating higher revenue opportunities for your site.

How do Expandables work?

Expandable ads load as a traditional IAB Ad Units and only enlarge when a user interacts with them via a hover or click.

Examples of expandable ad sizes include:

  • 728×90 expands up to 728×415
  • 970×90 expands up to 970×415
  • 160×600 expands up to 300×600
  • 300×250 expands up to 600×600

Accept expandables on your site

If you’re a Healthy Ads approved Publisher and would like to include expandable ads on your site, you need to enable Expandables on your website via the High Impact Page on the Publisher Console.

When activated, we then audit each placement to make sure they can accept them and we also determine the direction that the ad unit is “allowed” to expand to.

To minimize technical issues with expandables, it is highly advised that Publishers who accept expendables should run their ad tags hard coded to the page (not via an ad server).