Over-the-Page Ad

Over-the-Page ads provide Publishers high CPMs

An over-the-page advertisement is served above or on the side of a publisher’s webpage. Served as the first impression that a user sees when visiting the website, the over-the-page ad is typically displayed for 10 to 15 seconds before the ad disappears.

We encourage advertisers to keep the creative concise, captivating and straight to the point to ensure maximum user exposure and fast load times. Ad frequency is capped to once every 24 to 48 hours.

Our Publisher Team will provide you an over-the-page ad, which should be placed in the footer of your site or food blog. Prior to launching an over-the-page campaign, we’ll contact publishers accepting these units and test the advertising creative to ensure proper performance.

Features of over-the-page advertising

  • High paying CPM rates
  • The first impression of the day a user sees
  • Large creative space (usually 800×600)
  • Video, rich media or static creative

If you’re an approved Healthy Ads Publisher and would like to include over-the-page ads on your site, please contact us.