Roadblock advertising uses all existing ad units on the page

When advertisers and advertising agencies need to reach large audiences online, many choose roadblock advertising because it’s an effective way to gain user attention and engagement.

Roadblock advertising allows advertisers to own 100% of voice for a given period, usually a day. In other words, an advertising campaign would run exclusively across all the advertising units on a page reinforcing the advertising message.

Features of roadblock advertising:

  • 100% Share of Voice during the campaign period
  • Can be booked for a single date, multiple days or for a week
  • Runs multiple ads units
  • High Earning CPM Rate

Publishers requesting inclusion in roadblock campaigns must have two Healthy Ads units above-the-fold.
Preferred ad sizes for roadblock campaigns are 728×90 and 300×25

If you’re a Healthy Ads Approved publisher and we would like to include roadblock advertising on your site, please contact us.

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