Blogger Resolutions

With the new year in full swing, we’re starting off with five easy-to-follow steps that could improve your blog and take you to the next level in 2021.

5. Create a Content Calendar
Without a posting plan it’s easy to get in the rut of just creating posts just to have new content to post on your blog. By creating a simple content calendar, you focus on creating fresh content on a consistent basis – which is great for increasing your SEO rankings and your readership.

4. Try a New Layout
Whether you decide to go all out with a complete rebrand, or just switch up the way you lay out your posts, giving your blog a fresh, new look is sure to invite new readers to take a peek. Try modifying your posts by breaking up large sections of text with great imagery – you may find visitors are reading a lot more, and hanging around your site to view other content. And don’t neglect mobile! If you don’t have a mobile version of your site, get one today – then incorporate our mobile ad tags for an added revenue boost.

3. Survey Your Readers
A great way to revive your blog is to check the pulse of your current reader base. Are you covering the topics they’re most like to read? Has the reader base you once had completely shifted? WordPress users can set up basic polls and surveys very easily with plugins like YOP Poll, Polldaddy Polls and Ratings, and Opinion Stage. A simple 10-question survey can guide you on the right path to creating content that gets great results!

2. Build Your Network
When you have a network of like-minded bloggers and site owners you create opportunities to have your content shared outside of your site – which equals great exposure for you and your blog! Mentioning other blogs and bloggers on your site goes a long way (only when it’s warranted); and be sure to let them know you’ve mentioned them – it’ll grow your audience and theirs, and score you lots of good will along the way.

1. Be Newsworthy
Looking out for trends and being among the first to write about them is a great way to grow your audience and increase engagement all at once. Is #poke the new trending topic in food? Jump on it! Don’t forget to share your hot new posts and get a bump in views from your social media exposure.