Adsense Alternatives

Many publishers are familiar with Google AdSense. AdSense has been providing advertising for websites since 2003 and of course Google is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, that goes a long way for name recognition.

But a lot has changed since the early days of website advertising and AdSense has found a lot of competitors. Many of these AdSense Alternatives claim higher quality and higher revenue, is this true? Is it time to look at AdSense alternatives?

Why Look For An Adsense Alternative?

AdSense is no longer the dominant force it once was. There’s more competition in the ad network space, so Google’s market share has dropped over the last ten years. This means they have fewer advertisers paying money into the AdSense network. Additionally, over the years AdSense has become known as a lower-tier advertising network catering to advertisers with lower budgets and running a large percentage of pay-per-click ads. Premium Advertisers and ad agencies tend to run their ads through smaller ad networks that can focus on more targeted and full-service solutions. All this means that the majority of web publishers still using AdSense are earning a fraction of what they once did.

Google AdSense has also come under fire in recent years for demonetizing sites with little explanation and no warning. In these scenarios, publishers find little help in getting an answer from Google as to why their ads were turned off and little or no option for appeal. This has left many publishers scrambling for an alternative and many publishers pre-emptively looking for an alternative with clearer terms and conditions.

Choosing Adsense Alternatives

When it comes to AdSense Alternatives there are many options out there. These range from other revenue streams such as affiliate programs or paid member subscriptions to working with full-service ad management providers.

Many publishers decide to run a secondary revenue stream in addition to ads. This can include running affiliate links, which is a simple passive way to earn income. Basically with affiliate links you insert product links and if a user on your site clicks AND buys that product you get a share of the purchase price. Because you only get paid if a purchase is made affiliate links tend to pay much less than ads, however it can be a nice addition to your ad strategy. Another option could be offering users a subscription to your site. This typically only works for well established sites with a loyal user base. Benefits of a subscription can include turning ads off for members, special member only articles or site sections as well as other special offers.

Advertising Alternatives to AdSense

These days blogs and websites face a wealth of options when it comes to advertising. Large blogs with dedicated ad teams typically work with a variety of ad networks, data and tech providers and run them through sophisticated header bidding solutions and yield management strategies. But many options aren’t just for large websites. Many ad providers now offer managed services for smaller sites that don’t have a dedicated Ad team. These managed services provide smaller sites with not only advertising demand, but technology solutions as well as personalized account management.

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