Creating Relevant Content for your Blog

Outdoor and at home exercise tips are scoring high in SEO indices with many gyms closed or operating at limited capacity. And with the temperate fall weather, fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike are looking for new tips in creating outdoor exercise routines.

Fitness and wellness websites can absolutely take advantage of this need to increase SEO and blog revenue. All it takes is a little inspiration. Take a look at some tips, tricks, and content ideas we’ve put together to get those creative juices flowing!

Motivating Users with Tips and Challenges

An easy solution to working out at home is lacing up those sneakers and heading outside. Users are looking for tips, inspiration and even help with accountability. Simply blogging about your experience with a new daily routine our challenge can inspire users and increase traffic. Some ideas can be to start a new challenge, like 100 squats for 30 days, 1 mile for 10 days, 2 miles for 20 days, and so on. Complete one of these challenges and blog about how and when you got this done. Accountability is another tool that users are looking for. Start an accountability challenge and encourage users to comment about how and when they completed their daily workouts. Encouraging users to be more engaged with your site is a great way to grow a loyal user base.

Compile and Review Posts for Workout Apps

Besides motivating your users, a quick SEO boost can come from compiling lists and reviews of top workout apps and gadgets. Workout apps are extremely popular nowadays and for good reason. Exercise apps make it easier to take control of one’s personal fitness. From step tracking to in-depth tutorials on how to perform certain exercises, these types of apps can be incredibly beneficial. Many fitness fans want to know where they can find the hottest new fitness app and which ones are worth the download. For fitness publishers, reviews of different fitness apps can pull in some significant readers. And advertisers love this kind of product. Being able to advertise around mentions and even competitors can create some valuable real estate on your site.

Here are some Apps to consider:

  • Nike Run Club (iOS and Android)
  • Couch to 5k Trainer (iOS and Android)
  • Lotus Yoga (iOS and Android)
  • SworkIt (iOS and Android)
  • JEFIT (iOS and Android)

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