Global eCPM is the average CPM around the globe for all Impressions

The standard unit for revenue measurement across the Healthy Ads Publisher Console is CPM, sometimes referred to as “cost per thousand” or impression-based advertising.

You’ll also notice in our Console we refer to the top level metric, Global eCPM. Global eCPM stands for Effective Cost Per Mille (mille is for thousand) and represents the average CPM paid on a global basis.

It takes into consideration high-paying countries as well as lower-paying counties to provide a global metric (ie: US or Australia – typically higher CPM rates) vs India or Latin America – typically very low CPMs).

How is global eCPm calculated ?

Global eCPM is calculated by averaging all paid CPMs over a given period (usually month to date or total month).

Healthy Ads calculates eCPM at the placement level, unlike some ad networks which calculate revenue on a RPM basis.