Have you ever wondered, “Should I put ads on my website?” For many sites the answer is a resounding yes! Now we may be a little biased as an advertising company, however we do want to share the pros of adding advertising, as well as some considerations of when it may not be appropriate to place ads on your website.

In this quick guide, we’ll break down the when, why, how and who of adding advertising to your blog.

When should I place ads on my website?

If you are looking to earn money from your website it may seem like a simple answer to get ads up right away. However, we do not recommend rushing into an advertising solution. First, a site should be established for at least six months and with at least 10,000 monthly pageviews. This ensures that you have a loyal and engaged user base. Advertisers like to be in front of engaged users. Also, even with the best advertisements there will be some effect to page load and user experience. No one really loves ads, so it’s best to get your content in a place where it is in high demand from users first, before adding advertising.

Why Should I place ads on my website?

The why is typically a simple answer. Placing ads on your website will earn money. Earning money from your website or blog is not only financially rewarding, but will help you invest in future improvements and grow your blog even more. And as you grow your blog, advertising revenue can grow to be quite significant.

How do I add advertising to my website?

Now that you have decided that advertising is the right solution for your website, it’s time to decide how to add ads to your site. Digital advertising offers a wealth of options on how to monetize your website. There are different ad types and many different ways to access them. The most popular ad types are banner ads, native ads and video ads. All these ad types offer consistent, quality revenue for bloggers and site owners. The technical aspect of how to add ads include placing a piece of JavaScript code on the site to display the ads. This code can be placed via a plugin, on the page directly or larger sites will often use a 3rd party ad server.

Who can help me place advertising on my website?

Choosing an ad provider is a very important step in deciding whether or not to run ads on your site. First and foremost choose an ad provider that has been in business for several years, has a good reputation, good industry relationships and is known for timely payments. Second is deciding how much support you need. Very large sites typically dedicate entire teams to setting up a sophisticated ad strategy with ad servers, header bidding, multiple network relationships, sales teams, data targeting, etc. However, this is not an option for most sites. Because of this some ad networks have taken on a more personalized approach and offer ad management. With an ad manager, sites will benefit from a provider that already has the infastructure in place to run a successful ad strategy. Healthy Ads has been in the industry since 2008, we work with over 2000 sites, work with every major ad agency and buyer and we also offer full service ad management. We offer everything from technical integration to reporting and payments. Get started today and monetize your blog to it’s fullest potential.