Creating Seasonal Content: Spring Allergies

Spring is a beautiful time of year, trees and flowers are back in bloom. The spring blooms are also among the most common causes of allergies. One term your users are searching for that might not be top-of-mid, allergy relief. Take advantage of this SEO play and consider posting about various allergy remedies. Here’s precisely why you should provide content for spring allergy relief…

Allergies affect more than 50 million people in the US

Allergies can affect almost anyone, and spring is typically the worst time of year. That’s a huge number of people, many of whom are looking for help in treating and identifying their allergies.

Based on search data around allergies, below are some ideas to help drive these users to your blog:

  • Allergy medicine and product reviews
  • Listicles about the top allergy symptoms and to recognize the allergen
  • Holistic and natural remedies, diet, Neti pots, honey, herbs etc.
  • Tips for preventing allergy symptoms

In addition to providing the content these users are looking for make sure to follow a few basic SEO tips to capture these users. Long-tail keywords (keyword phrases) help to drive up your SEO score over simple single-word keywords. Additionally linking to other relevant pages within your blog or even linking to sources will help increase your SEO score and if the links are internal you will drive pageviews.

Contextual Advertising Campaign Demand

This time of year we come across many allergy related contextual campaigns. Advertisers want to be around relevant content. In addition to benefitting from increased traffic, providing timely, relevant content will open your blog up to these premium advertising campaigns.

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