What is an Ad Exchange

An ad exchange is a digital marketplace where both publishers and advertisers meet to trade their digital ad inventory. Such inventory usually includes display, mobile, in-app, native, and video ad space. The exchange that occurs between publishers and advertisers is done in real-time auctions that are facilitated through real-time bidding or RTB.

How Ad Exchanges Work

An ad exchange is a platform that serves both buyers and sellers, i.e. advertisers and websites respectively. It is a place that advertisers and websites come together to buy and sell ads, basically a digital marketplace.

A publisher will make their inventory available in the marketplace and provide information about their inventory, including audience, page location, niche, etc. Demand side platforms (buyers) will then look at the bid requests and analyze all of the information to ensure that it is the best option for a particular advertiser. From there, the impression will then be sold to the highest bidder.

What are the Benefits of an Ad Exchange?

For Publishers

● Access to the supply-side platform (SSP) in order to make their digital ad space available to potential advertisers.
● With private ad exchanges more relevant and premium ads will be shown to your users.
● Instead of dealing with software or algorithms, publishers can get the best possible price for their website or blog ad space.
● The ability to filter or block ads that have sensitive or unwanted content, as well as ads from potential competitors.
● Can choose ad types via format and ad style filtering.
● The ability to choose specific locations of ads on their web pages.

For Advertisers

● Marketers and ad agencies can use the demand-side platform (DSP) to purchase ad space.
● Easier to target a qualified audience.
● Instead of dealing with software or algorithms, advertisers can find their target audience at the perfect time.
● The ability to set budget options for the best possible pacing, as well as the ability to choose various targeting options, bidding options, demographic profiling, pricing settings, etc.
● Can blacklist or block particular websites, blogs, and audiences.
● The ability to retarget through various ad exchanges.

How the Healthy Ads Private Exchange Stands Out

Healthy Ads is a different kind of ad exchange. We are the largest and only private ad exchange that works specifically with publishers in the health and wellness industry. Unlike open ad exchanges, Healthy Ads will only work with sites that are handpicked and approved to fit within our verticals. This allows us to remain smaller and focused, providing premium services to our publishers. Advertisers and publishers alike will benefit substantially from using our private ad exchange network. To join the Healthy Ads Network, apply here.