Quality Advertising with Contextual Ads

If you are a blogger you may be wondering, should you run ads on your website? Ads can be a great way to bring additional revenue to your blog, but many publishers worry about the quality of those ads, and rightly so. For bloggers looking to serve their users high quality and relevant ads, look no further than contextually targeted advertising.

What is Contextual Advertising?

Contextual advertising is the process of targeting specific ads based on the content on the web page itself. For example, ads for Peleton on a health and wellness site. It’s far from a new concept– in fact, it used to be the default method of advertising online before advertisers began investing more into user targeting, bringing you those retargeting ads, you know the ones that magically know what you just browsed for?

The Advantages of Contextual Advertising

Some of the advantages to contextual advertising are obvious. Most users and blog owners appreciate ads that fit with their content. More relevant ads not only look better on your site, they perform better. A user is very likely to interact with an ad that is relevant to the task at hand, and this means higher revenue for the blog owner.

Another major benefit of contextual advertising is that they are not reliant on third party cookies to retarget the user. With Google and Apple browsers severly limiting and even outright removing this data, retargeting campaigns are getting harder and harder to come by. Contextual advertising can still target based on site content, continuing to bring you relevant and high paying ads even as privacy protections become more stringent.

Healthy Ads and Contextual Advertising for your site

As a private ad exchange that only services sites within certain verticals, Healthy ads has always specialized in contextually targeted ads. Advertisers come to us knowing that we only work with sites we hand pick and have the relevant content they are looking to get their product next to. Additionally over the years we have perfected our targeting of these campaigns. Healthy Ads has proprietary targeting technology that allows us to get so granular that we are able to target ads based on something as specific as individual ingredients in a recipe! This allows for optimal ad performance and our publishers and advertisers love it!

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