Header Bidding for your Blog

Over the last several years header bidding has become the gold standard in digital advertising. At Healthy Ads we pride ourselves on always using the latest and greatest technology for our offerings, this is why we have been using header bidding for several years and continue to perfect our proprietary header bidding technology. This type of ad technology ensures the highest dollar for your revenue as well as the lightest and fastest load times.

What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding is the process of advertisers battling for ad space on a website via a real-time auction. Such an auction will occur on every page load and whenever an ad unit is able to refresh. This auction happens as the page loads allowing for faster ad loads.

Publishers can make quite a bit of money via header bidding. That’s because advertisers are able to compete with one another directly, which increases competition and drives up the cost of bids, so you’ll get higher CPMs and earn the highest amount of revenue each and every time.

How Does Header Bidding Work?

Header bidding auctions utilize real-time bidding. However, unlike previous real-time bidding executions this auction happens on the front end and sends the exact winning bid to the adserver. From there, the bid is weighted against other ad campaigns to ensure that the publisher receives the highest possible price for each ad impression. Knowing this exact winning bid upfront allows publishers to make a transparent decision on serving the highest paying ad and no longer leaves money on the table. This along with the increased competition from the ability to utilize many different bidders at once will result in significantly higher CPMs and revenue

Are there any Downsides to Header Bidding?

The main drawback with header bidding is that it involves complicated code setups as well as realtionships with many major ad providers that often have high barriers to entry, aka high traffic thresholds. This makes a header bidding setup virtually impossible for smaller publishers with limited development resources and the necessary traffic to meeet these thresholds.

Header Bidding Ads with Healthy Ads

If you’ve thought, “How can I get started with header bidding for my blog?” you’re in luck! All Healthy Ads publishers have access to our proprietary header bidding technology. We do all the heavy lifting for you making it as simple as placing a simple piece of code on your site to activate header bidding connected to all major ad providers. And for our larger publishers we have a Prebid.org adapter that allows you to connect to our unique, premium ad demand. To become a Healthy Ads publisher, click here to get started now.