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Gourmet Ads acquires Healthy Ads

Gourmet Ads, the global food advertising network, announced that it will acquire the privately held Healthy Ads network. The acquisition of Healthy Ads will not only expand overall audience numbers, but also introduce a new audience of consumers who focus on a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m excited about the health vertical and the direction we are going to take it” comments Gourmet Ads’ Founder and President, Benjamin Christie. “In the last few years, we’ve seen a real food movement around organic, vegetarian and paleo lifestyles among publishers and brands alike. Healthy Ads has been at the forefront of this trend and has forged a unique offering which we intend to grow further.”

Christie plans to continue the use of the Healthy Ads brand, which will exist alongside Gourmet Ads and be available programmatically for the first time in the coming weeks. In addition, this will allow buyers the ability to use first-party data from both Gourmet Ads and Healthy Ads to reach niche audiences such as ‘active moms’ and ’healthy home cooks’.

In line with the company’s rapid growth, Christie names Alec Greenberg Chief Operating Officer, a new role for Gourmet Ads. Greenberg spent the past seven years running the supply and ad operations business at Dstillery, and is in his sixteenth consecutive year in the adtech industry.

“Alec is a well-respected industry veteran and trusted leader who consistently drives results,” notes Christie. “He is uniquely qualified to lead strategic prioritization with a laser-focus on growing our business in a meaningful way, which made him a perfect fit for the Gourmet Ads team at this point in our company’s history,” Christie says.

“I’ve known Benjamin for almost five years and it’s been amazing to watch him and the rest of the team build up such an impressive and successful business. I could not have joined at a better time and this acquisition is the first of many big things you’ll see from Gourmet Ads in the coming months,” comments Greenberg.

Effective immediately, Greenberg will assume responsibility for overall sales and revenue growth, and spearheading product innovation including Gourmet Ads’ newest offerings, Header Bidding and Outstream Video.



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