What does Daypart mean?

Daypart Targeting is about Reaching the Right Audience at the exact Right Time

Daypart Targeting or Dayparting is an ad serving campaign tactic used by advertisers to limit the delivery of a campaign to specific times of the day or specific days of the week to more effectively target an audience.

Essentially, Daypart Targeting creates time frames by dividing each day of the week targeting “time frames” down to the hour. Dayparting is often used to tailor advertising creative or content to specific audiences throughout the day to make the campaign more targeted and relevant to specific users. Daypart Targeting can be used across all Line Items or could be used to employ a particular strategy.

A great example using Daypart Targeting to target a specific Healthy Audiences

Reach people with Insomnia
Target 11pm till 8am daily only

Some advertisers use Daypart Targeting simply to maximize their budget, with many implementing targeting like 7am till 9pm at night daily.