What is Device ID?

The device ID is a code (numbers and letters) that clearly mark each individual device in the world. Commonly, these devices are smartphones and tablets. The ID number is integrated on each mobile device, and each app that the user installs can retrieve it. It’s usually retrieved for the purposes of communicating with servers of the app or website.

In marketing and advertising, device IDs are important because they enable professionals to identify and track individuals. This is especially useful for behavioral targeting because it reveals the user’s behavior and preferences which can then be used for serving more relevant ads (ensuring that the campaigns are more successful) and personalization.

There are typically two types of device IDs in advertising:

IDFA (Identifier for Advertising) is used by iOS devices. Users can manually reset it, and if they enable LAT (Limit Ad Tracker) their device IDs can’t be used for advertisements.

AAID (Google Advertising ID) is used by Android devices, and they can also be reset by users if they want to disable ad personalization.