What is DMP?

A DMP (Data Management Platform) is a cloud-based software technology that collects, stores, sorts and categorizes user data. They should be considered as the central data hub for a marketer, storing a company’s customer, audience, and marketing data.

The data can be offline data which is uploaded to the DMP or could be from an online source which is imported in real time.

Once user data is stored within the DMP, the data can be used for analysis ie categorize by demographics or interests.

DMPs are integrated into DSPs (Demand Side Platform) which are used by media planners and media buyers to target users as part of a direct or programmatic campaign.

Popular DMPs include;

Adobe Audience Manager
Google Audience Center
Neustar PlatformOne
Nielsen DMP (Exelate)
Oracle (Blue Kai)
Salesforce DMP
Xaxis Turbine