What is Dynamic Ad Insertion?

Dynamic Ad Insertion or DAI is video advertising technology that allows advertisers to integrate video ads into live programming and VoD content. This is important in light of video content’s rise in popularity, as DAI technology produces a seamless ad insertion experience without loading or buffering.

Dynamic Ad Insertion also improves behavioral targeting for video content, as the speed and simplicity of it allow advertisers to target individuals and their preferences (audience segments), instead of serving their ads to everyone watching. This allows advertisers to serve more relevant ads based on consumers’ behavior, and increase the success of their ads and campaigns.

Even though the main benefits of Dynamic Ad Insertion are clear for advertisers, the Dynamic Ad Insertion technology is also beneficial for media companies serving ads. With the increase of personalization that the Dynamic Ad Insertion tech provides to customers, media companies can improve their brand reputation and increase the competitiveness of ads as consumers aren’t likely to skip ads that correspond with their personal interests.

Due to increased personalization, Dynamic Ad Insertion helps advertisers increase ad performance, media companies preserve the brand image, and consumers find products catered to their needs.

Typically, Dynamic Ad Insertion ads are 6, 15, 30 or 60 seconds in length.