What is Pre Roll?

Pre Roll is an advertising term describing video ads that play right before the video a consumer has selected. They’re typically 10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds long and consumers can skip a majority of them after watching for at least 5 seconds. Advertisers can purchase Pre Roll ads directly or programmatically, and they’re typically sold on a CPM or CPV (Cost Per View) basis.

Pre Roll video ads are predominantly used on websites with video content and in free-to-play mobile games. In mobile games, the consumers have to watch the pre-roll ad until the end to be able to play the game.

Pre Roll video ads are one of the three ads available with in-stream ad placement. The main benefits of in-stream video advertisements for advertisers concern the placement of their video ad, and this is emphasized with the measured success of Pre Roll ads.

When consumers are served with a Pre Roll ad, they’re still interested in the content they originally set out to watch, increasing the likelihood that they won’t skip the ad (where they’re given that option). This type of ads is also very successful at metrics related to brand awareness and intent to purchase.

Pre Roll ads also contain an interactive component as consumers are motivated to share, or purchase by clicking through. Their nondisruptive nature makes them favorable with consumers.