What is VPAID?

VPAID or Video Player-Ad Interface Definition is advertising technology that complements VAST (Video Ad Serving Template). VPAID creates a common interface between video players and ad servers.

Where VAST was created to serve linear ads with low degree of interactivity, VPAID allows advertisers and publishers to offer a rich media, interactive ad experience.

VPAID reduced costs that would arise due to the lack of features with VAST, and both allows a rich media ad experience, and captures data on ad player and user interaction. VPAID reduces the need for other technology and slower translation of ad servers’ language to video players’ program language. In turn, advertisers can automate and scale their advertising efforts.

Video Player-Ad Interface Definition also has pre-roll features that viewers can click on to learn more, integrates location features through VPAID tags so viewers in different areas can see different ads, and other features such as banners (companion and overlay).

In order to track metrics like viewabilityCTR and completion rate, VPAID tech uses tags. A transparent layer is placed across the video to measure usage and results. This allows advertisers to track their progress and see how users are interacting with their ads, opening new options for optimization and ad creation.