Because our best source of new publishers are referrals from our existing ones, we not only encourage them, but we will pay you for them. The Healthy Ads Referral Program is a great way to make extra cash. All you need to do is create your unique referral link and share it with anyone you think may be a fit for the Healthy Ads network. Once they join and meet the criteria (at least 150,000 impressions served over 3 months), you will get paid the $50 referral bonus.

To utilize the referral, go to the Referral tab in your Publisher Console. The Referral tab provides marketing materials like email copy, banners, buttons and ideas for Facebook and Twitter posts.  Feel free to use your own copy – just make sure to use your unique trackable link so that you get the credit! We also provide a section that contains detailed FAQs about how the program works.

Lastly, click on the Reporting page in the Referrals section to track the status of your marketing using your referral link. You can see the URL of the publishers referred, the referral method (email, etc.), payment status and, once eligible, the date the $50 payment was made.