What is Whitelist?

Many advertisers who buy advertising programmatically will only buy from a whitelist or against a blacklist. A Whitelist is a list of website domains that the advertiser is willing to serve its ads on. For publishers getting your domain name added to an advertiser’s or DSPs white list is paramount in scaling Programmatic Revenue. Just because a domain name appears on a whitelist does not necessarily mean that the advertiser will buy that domain, the DSP’s algorithm still prevails.

Advertisers and their Advertising Agencies use various tactics to build whitelists. Here are a few ways that buyers curate a Whitelist;

  1. Use a 3rd Party service like Comscore to source a whitelist

  2. Working with Publishers and Programmatic Sellers to get their whitelist

  3. Only include sites they know where their audience is located

  4. Only include sites they know perform (ie from CTR, Conversion or Viewability perspective)

Healthy Ads automatically sends our Whitelist to Programmatic buyers the First Tuesday of the month, making it easy for buyers to update their DSP based Whitelist.