What is MidRoll?

MidRoll is an advertising term describing video ads that are served to consumers in the middle of the original content’s playback. Midroll ads are a part of the in-stream video ads category, along with Pre Roll and Post Roll ads, and they have been subject to controversy due to their disruptive nature.

However, mid-roll ads can be very cost-effective. 90% of them are watched through to completion and the main benefit of them for advertisers is in the consumers’ state of engagement. If the consumers are engaged by the original video content, there’s a higher likelihood of them accurately perceiving the video ad and following through with purchase.

The timing and placement of the Mid Roll ad is typically determined by ad networks and publishers based on the locations where the viewers are more likely to watch the ad through to completion.

Another benefit of Mid Roll ads is consumers’ comfortableness with them. Since they are played similarly to TV advertisements, the broader public has been accustomed to them and due to the high level of engagement with the original content, they’re more likely to watch the ad until the end.