What is Post Roll?

Post Roll is an advertising term that describes video advertisements which are served to the consumer after the original video has finished playing. They’re one of the three types of in-stream video ads, along with Pre Roll and MidRoll ads.

Post Roll video ads are best used for ads that demand a direct response from consumers. For example, a strategic placement of post-roll ads can generate more sales, especially if the ad’s content is directly related to the original content consumers wanted to watch.

With Post Roll ads, it’s best to serve consumers short, engaging videos. It’s best to emphasize a clear call-to-action and make the ads clickable so the 65% of consumers who watch through to completion of the ad can take immediate actions.

Post Roll ads can also be very effective when played between similar videos in a playlist. When related to the original content, they can also add more value for the consumers. This is the reasoning behind many advertisers using this particular type of in-stream video ads after branded content.

Post Roll ads are typically sold on either a CPM or CPV (Cost per View) basis and when used strategically, they can bring a lot of conversions to advertisers looking to further motivate consumers.