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How to Boost your Page Speed

Page speed is the most important metric for any site. Not only does a slow loading page make for a…

How to maximize your viewability rating

Learn how to maximize your viewability and your revenue online.

How to Monetize your Health-Focused Blog

You've created a blog and with unique and interesting content. Now, learn how to make money with your food site.

5 tips for Great Health & Fitness Videos

We've compiled 6 tips to take the mystery out of creating recipe videos for your site.

How to Calculate Global eCPM

Learn what CPM means and how it impacts your ad revenue.

How to optimize your click through rate

A low click through rate will jeopardize your earnings! Learn how to maximize your click through rate and increase your ad revenue online.

Pixlr Photo Editor Now Free on Desktop

Every great food post needs equally great photos, and with the help of Pixlr, you can create beautiful photos with…

Privacy Policy Best Practices

Even though Healthy Ads provides a Privacy Policy (which we suggest using), we’ve developed a checklist of things that you should…

5 Tips to Better Your Blog this Year

Learn the five easy-to-follow steps that could improve your blog and take you to the next level this year.

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